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So here we bring to you the magic of AR and VR to give you a completely immersive experience of your journey from your imagination to the reality!

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“Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation.” - Dean Kamen
A new technology i.e. AR and VR, the problems faced by interior designer and real estate companies in terms of transforming the imagination into reality ,our idea of finding an effective solution and that’s what brought BRICKVIEW STUDIOS into existence. We are a Kolkata based company that aims at providing AR VR solutions to real estate companies and interior designers.

our story
The Problem

In our conversations with architects, designers, and real estate teams, we keep hearing that about 80% people aren’t very good at mentally translating design to real space. That inability leads to people being hesitant to sign off on design and to ask the professionals the same questions over and over again. It also leads to dissatisfaction, extra costs and less flexibility in terms of customization of interior designs. And it’s here that the technology of Virtual Reality and Augmented reality weaves its magical wand! Our technology helps to bridge the gap that people face while converting an architectural design on paper to reality.

our story
The power of our technology

It has the power to transform bland architect models and renderings into unique, immersive experiences for the decision-makers. It gives a clear idea of how individual components would look, feel, interact, and function in a finished residential or commercial property. In addition we also offer the option of real time customisation; you could walk through your apartment you want to buy and change the types of floor,curtain, furnitures ,to suit your budget and taste.It helps the interior designers and architects to visualize and express their ideas in a much better way. The architects and interior designers could also figure out the potential flaws in the plan before it goes from the drawing board to ground zero.


Interior solutions

AR-VR solutions for interior designers.


Architectural solutions

AR-VR solutions for construction companies and real estate agencies.


2D to 3D Rendering

Converting 2D architectural sketches to 3D models.

3D rendering for designers

Allows interior designers to showcase their eye for material and spatial organization by plainly showing the world what's possible.

Architectural Visualization

Helps you to see architectural design even before to it built! Everything from sketches to advanced 3D renderings and interactive virtual tours.


3D-360 panorama

High resolution 360 degree panoramic images and video for virtual tours and VR usage.

Group Virtual tour
Real time customization
2D to 3D
Interior and exterior progression
Building information modeling system

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