Augmented Reality Technology Solutions

Taking up augmented reality development, we design and implement apps that blend physical and digital
worlds to provide users with audio and visual information in a convenient and engaging way or entertain
them creating fantasy-like experiences.

It’s up to you how to use AR: it can empower various software from viral games and advertising modules
to education and manufacturing apps.


Retail & ecommerce

In-store or online, let your customers discover the new fun of shopping.

  • Store-as-an-experience apps
  • Augmented reality mirrors
  • AR fitting rooms & boards
  • Interactive packaging apps
  • AR product configurators

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Real estate & interior

Get more deals closed, fast & effortless

  • AR for printed leaflets & catalogs
  • Apps for property visits
  • Geo-tagged AR captions
  • On-the-spot design customization
  • AR for construction & BIMs

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Training & Education

Decrease learning times with better retention

  • Interactive manuals & media
  • AR-powered safety drills
  • AR-enhanced onboarding
  • Learning rooms & equipment
  • Interactive apps for smartboards

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Achieve top precision in risk-free environments

  • AR complex assembly
  • AR maintenance & inspection
  • Quality assurance overlays
  • AR product design
  • Warehouse logistics apps

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Enhance experiences with top immersion

  • RFID and NFC apps
  • AR Adventure games
  • Location-based AR gaming
  • Multiplayer AR shooters
  • Augmented reality quests

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Marketing & Ads

Improve your communication model

  • AR-brochures & business cards
  • Enhanced online catalogues
  • Try-before-you-buy apps
  • Onsite product customization
  • AR face masks & filters

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